Welcome to Forhill Clay Pigeon Club...

Forhill Shooting Club offers every other Sunday morning a ‘high quality’ 60 or 100 bird sporting layout, our 60 bird layout comprises of 8 stands for all abilities located on the upper layout, our 100 bird layout has an additional 5 stands for the more enthusiastic shooter located on the lower half of our ground.

We also run a trophy shoot throughout the year this comprises of a 120 bird shoot over 15 stands, all layouts have two traps per stand being suitable for all abilities

The ground is situated on 17 acres of lush countryside, close to Birmingham in the West Midlands, between junction 2 & 3, M42.

All of our traps are stored at the end of each shoot and hence the layout completely changes every time, felt or plas wad cartridges are permitted up to 28gram maximum shot size No6.

We believe our prices are very competitive at present 60 bird sporting costs £16 for members and £18 for Non-members, 100 bird sporting costs £26 for members and £30 for Non-members, juniors can shoot at the subsidised rate of of £7 for 60 birds or £11 for 100 birds if accompanied by a shooting adult (One junior, one adult).

Cartridges are on sale from the clubhouse costing less than £16 per 100.

The ground is run with a friendly and welcome to all policy, including children over the age of 12 if accompanied by an adult.

All Shooting cards are squadded so you won’t be on your own or get lost, we have 2 seated trolleys providing transportation service around the ground on request for shooters who require assistance, all of our trappers wear intercom headsets just call or text 07836 225580 and our trappers will transport you from stand to stand around the ground.

Entries are from 09.30 till 12.00,
shooting from 10.00 till 14.00 hrs.


In response to the ongoing COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic.

Following the latest governments recommendations regarding the continuing impact of the Coronavirus, we have made the decision to close until further notice.

This decision has not been made lightly but we feel it is the most responsible thing to do given the present situation.

We appreciate that many of you will be very disappointed, but protecting the safety, health, well-being of staff and customers and the wider community is our priority at this time.

Hopefully, this will only be a brief period and we will be back to normal soon.

We thank you for your patience during this difficult time.

Here’s a date for your diary!

SATURDAY 9th MAY, 10:00 start, last entries 13:00

We will be running a 100 bird, 13 stands English Sporting “EXTREME DAY” at Forhill Shooting Club, with all the stuff we have always wanted to put on, but never dared.

Cash prizes, Flash clays win a bottle, and a Barbeque.
Entries £26 Members, £30 Visitors

2020 Fixtures

Wednesday 1st 100 bird
Sunday 12th 100 bird
Sunday 26th 100 bird

Sunday 9th 100 bird
Sunday 23rd 100 bird

Sunday 8th 100 bird
Sunday 22nd 100 bird

Sunday 5th 100 bird
Sunday 19th 120 bird DeRosa Rose Bowl Trophy

Sunday 3rd 100 bird
Saturday 9th 100 Extreme Day

Sunday 17th 100 bird
Sunday 31st 120 bird

Sunday 14th 120 bird
Sunday 28th 120 bird Driven Bird Trophy

Sunday 12th 100 bird
Sunday 26th 120 bird

Sunday 9th 100 bird
Sunday 23rd 120 bird  Adams Rose Bowl Trophy

Sunday 6th 100 bird
Sunday 20th 100 bird

Sunday 4th 120 Pheasant Trophy
Sunday 18th 100 bird

Sunday 1st 100 bird
Sunday 15th 100 bird
Sunday 29th 100 bird

Sunday 13th 100 bird
Sunday 27th 120 bird Christmas Trophy

2021 Fixtures

Friday 1st 100 bird